Sunday, February 9, 2014

Welcome to the February 2014 edition of the ADMC Library and ILC Newsletter.

Student Achievement Celebrated in the ILC!
Well-deserved winners! See at the end for more images.

To support our Foundations students in improving their English, the Abu Dhabi Men's College ILC has been hosting a Reading Challenge based on the online programmes, M-Reader and Scholastic Reading Counts. In the challenge, the students read graded readers and complete online quizzes. If they pass the quiz, they gain points based on the book word count.

Every week an ADMC leaderboard is published showing the class results and their top three readers. The students using the M-Reader programme are eligible to compete at an international level. Last semester, three students from ADMC made it on to the International Leaderboard. At the end of the Challenge an Award Ceremony is held to celebrate the achievements of classes and individual students.

The following Classes and Reading Champions Received Awards

Level 1
  • Top reading class was CAD
  • The Reading Champion was Abdullah Saleh Mohamed Hamad Al Hajeri from class CAB
  • The runner-up Reading Champion was Yosef Darwesh Mohamad Ebrahem Alhammadi from class CAC

Level 2
  • Top reading class was CBD
  • The Reading Champion was Ali Mohmoud Qumber Ali Alansaari from class CBB
  • The runner-up Reading Champion was Salem Ali Salmeen Ali Theeban from class CBD

Level 3
  • Top reading class was CCE
  • The Reading Champion was Mahmoud Nasser Abdullah Khory from class CCM
  • The runner-up Reading Champion was Abdul Raheem Ismail Mohamed Alkamali from class CCE

Level 4
  • Top reading class was CDE
  • The Reading Champion was Mohammed Ebrahim Saif Ebrahim Mohamed Alaqus Alzaabi from class CDG
  • The runner-up Reading Champion was Ali Salem Ali Mohamed Alhosani from class CDM