Sunday, April 13, 2014

Library News for April 2014

This is a bumper issue, as the month of April includes Library Week from the 20th to 24th!

So, be sure to read all the way through, as we have lots of news on events that will be happening in the Library.

Check the College and Library signs for updates to the schedules!

Majilis Makerspace

At ADMC Library, most events and activities will be centered in our Library Majilis, which will also double as our Makerspace.
A Maker Space is where library users can join together to learn a new skill or to create something they previously didn’t know how to. For more information please visit this link - "What is a Makerspace? Creativity in the Library". The Library will be observing the use of our Majilis Makerspace during Library Week, in case there is a demand to use it all-year round!

Lego-techniks @ ADM

Wednesday, 23 April 
Join Vanessa Bosun of Hallabolou at ADMC. In this Makerspace you will combine the awesomeness of Lego and advanced technology to make Lego creations that use your technical skills and allow you to have fun as well.

3Doodler @ ADMC (time to be confirmed)

Have the chance to express your creativity with a new technology that is brand new to the UAE in our Majilis Makerspace! The 3Doodler allows your to draw in with plastic in 3D! For a teaser on the the this exciting new invention, watch their video clip at

Flashes of Thought @ADMC

If you have not yet heard of, or read, Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum's, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, new bestseller, "Flashes of Thought", then you really need to get out more! In this wonderful collection of anecdotes from his life, Shaikh Mohammad gives us some valuable insights into his life and what it means to be a leader. The library will have a screen display with some extracts from the book, and copies of the book will be available for browsing through too! Get together with your friends in our Majilis and discuss the wisdom shared by a great leader!

Zoom Librarian

With technology all around us, does your Librarian need to be in the same library as you in order to assist you with your questions? During Library Week you can assist us in experimenting with accessing Librarians at other campuses in Abu Dhabi using Zoom. It's the personal service without you having to be in the same library! 

eBooks vs. pBooks: the survey

During Library Week, our staff will be asking you to participate in a quick and painless survey to determine the opinions of students and staff on the eBooks versus print books issue. As technology changes our daily lives, so libraries must change too, but we don't want to leave anyone behind! So, let us know how you feel and experience the changes you are seeing.

Regular News

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