Sunday, June 8, 2014

Library News for June to August 2014, the Summer Break edition

ADMC Exams

The Library and ILC staff would like to wish all our students the very best for their upcoming exams and we would like to support you by staying open till Midnight during the exam break. Please look out for exam timings on our electronic notice boards. We would also like to ask all our staff and students a huge favor and that is to return all resources you have borrowed before you leave for your summer break.

What Will You Be Reading Over The Summer Break?

We have seen the reading rates of our Foundations students increase this year through the MReader program. The Library and ILC staff are very proud of our Foundation students as they have read so many books over this year. We have found that the huge growth in reading sometimes drops over the summer break due to lack of practice. One way of preventing this from happening is to READ! Please check our Wonderful Websites section as suggestions for great Summer Reads can be found there (BookSeer and Kirkus Reviews).

How Do We Like To Read?

The Library staff and some wonderful student volunteers conducted a survey on eBook (electronic books) versus pBook (print book) preferences for students and staff at ADMC during Library Week. It seems that print books are still a favorite with 56% preferring print book and 35% preferring eBooks (9% were undecided). The reasons we were given were rather interesting:
  • pBooks seem to be preferred because they are easier to use; easier on the eyes; people like to hold a book; collect them; can skim read faster; note take in them and feel they are environmentally friendly.
  • eBooks are easy to transport; can be copied and pasted easily; are flexible; are easy to read in the dark; have great reading support tools and multimedia abilities attached; are cheaper; environmentally friendly.
Overall our survey showed that many students and staff weren’t really aware of how to use eBooks from our catalogue so we have a huge task ahead of us next year. There are some great eBooks to be found on our catalogue and we hope that we can spend time next year helping you to access these more easily.

Have a great summer break and Ramadan Kareem!