Sunday, January 4, 2015

Library News for January 2015

ADMC Reading Challenge Awards

The 2014 Semester 1 award ceremony for the Reading Challenge was held on Thursday, 27th November. Awards which included trophies, medals and certificates were handed to the top readers in each section and level. There were also awards for the top classes in respect of points earned. Those who worked really hard, even if they did not win, were also recognized with certificates.

It was a happy and energetic event, which was split into a morning and an afternoon session, as so many classes had taken part. We were pleased to welcome the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Tayeb Kamali, in the morning session, who presented awards and congratulated the winners on their success. This year we presented a perpetual trophy to the top class and a special voucher award to the top reader in the college (morning and evening classes).
In the morning session, the overall Top Reader was Faisal Al Menhali from Section CBB, with a points total of  233,057.

The overall morning session Top Reading Class was Foundations 4 Section CDB. I am sure teacher Siobhan Flood must be very proud of her students.

In the afternoon session, the overall Top Reader was Tareq Salem Helal Almahri from Section CCN, with a points total of 132,800.

The overall afternoon session Top Reading Class was CCN. Well done to teacher Leah Lane as well.