Monday, March 2, 2015

Library News for March 2015

ILC Website Update

The ADMC ILC team have been busy updating the ILC website for students and faculty. With the help of the ADMC IT department and faculty feedback, students can now access an updated and more streamlined website. This website has links to many English, Math and IELTs websites to support your learning.


Faculty Research Meetings in March

Speaker: Dr. Sathya Sivam
Topic: “Validation Studies in Social Sciences”
This brief seminar is meant for social science researchers who like to develop a reliable and valid scale to measure a behavioural phenomenon. It will give a basic introduction about the relevance of reliability and validity measures of a questionnaire and how to assess them using SPSS. This session is mostly meant for non-experts in statistics who inevitably have to apply it in their research.
When and where:
Khalifa Women's College, Tuesday, 10 March 4-5:00pm 
Abu Dhabi Women's College, Wednesday, 11 March 4-5:00pm
Speaker: Dr. David Palfreyman, Editor of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives
Topic: "How to get published"
This research session will look at the topic of “How to get published”. David will also discuss his role as editor of this peer-reviewed online journal, and tips for getting your work published there.
When and where:
Abu Dhabi Men's Conference Room, Tuesday, 24 March, 11am-12:30pm