Thursday, June 4, 2015

Library News for June to August 2015, the Summer Break edition

National Libraries and AD Colleges Combine Resources

Did you know that the National Libraries of Abu Dhabi have wonderful collections of books, magazines and databases that are not likely to be found on our campus libraries? The National Libraries and Abu Dhabi College Libraries have joined together to give students and staff access to their wonderful collections. The best news is that your membership will be free of charge! The Khalifa Park Library is of special interest to students doing Arabic or Emirati Studies. The Bahia and Mazyad Mall libraries have a wonderful collection for children. So, if you want to extend your reading please visit your AD College library to sign a membership form and learn more about the National libraries.

Faculty Research Group

The last meetings for this academic year in Abu Dhabi Colleges, were hosted during the last week of May 2015. Check the BlackBoard Learn site for news items and future plans for 2015/16: R101: Applied Research @ HCT Abu Dhabi Colleges

Reading Challenge

During Semester 2, ten Foundations classes participated in the ADMC Reading Challenge. The classes worked diligently over the semester and made very good progress in their reading. Some students achieved excellent results.

On Thursday, May 21st, we celebrated the students’ success by hosting two Reading Challenge Award Ceremonies for morning and afternoon classes. During the morning ceremony, the winners were presented with their trophies by Dr. Sultan Karmostaji, the ADMC Director. The afternoon awards were presented by Joan Anderson, the ADMC Foundations Chair. Trophies were given for best readers (Levels 1-4) and the best class. Congratulations go to all the Reading Challenge winners.

Summer Break

Abu Dhabi Men's College Library will remain open during the Summer Break. However, check at the library for adjusted break and Ramadan hours.

The library wishes all students, faculty and staff a safe break and a Blessed Ramadan.